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LIT2020 Course Preview: Summer 2014

Course Name: Introduction to the Short Story
Course Number: LIT2020
Summer 2014
Reference #:  483617

Faculty Contact Information
Instructor Name:
 Dr. Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Office/Dept. Phone:
BConline Campus Phone:

Course Description
Students will engage in analysis of short stories from many countries of the world. Authors may include Edgar Allan Poe, Flannery O’Connor, Toni Cade Bambara, Raymond Carver, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Joseph Conrad, Zora Neale Hurston, and many others.
This online version of the course has been divided into four Learning Units, each with a thematic connection. The four themes utilized within this version of the course are “Finding Oneself,” “Encountering Society,” “The Human Mind,” and “Love and Family.”
General Course Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • Analyze plot structures as used in a variety of short stories.
  • Analyze the various types of characters and their roles in short stories.
  • Identify various points of view used in short stories and the effect of each upon the stories and their themes.
  • Recognize symbols and identify the abstractions they represent.
Please see the individual learning units for more detailed and specific learning objectives.
Course Prerequisites
To maximize your chances for success in this course, make sure that you meet the following course prerequisites:
  • Course Prerequisites and Co-requisites: Since this is a “Writing Requirement” course, in order to register for this course, you must be eligible for, currently enrolled in, or already have taken ENC1101.

Orientation to Online Learning

To be successful in an online course, you should assess your readiness to successfully engage in an online learning class at Broward College. You can complete the Orientation to Online Learning to determine if an online class is a right fit for you and to learn how to navigate the system.  Upon completion of the orientation, you will earn a certificate.  Some professors require you to submit this certificate during orientation, so make sure to save it in an easily accessible folder on your computer. 

Course Attendance and Participation Policy
During the first week of class, you must complete the course orientation quiz or you will be withdrawn from the course. Simply logging into the course will not satisfy your attendance during this time. As with an on-campus course, students who are reported for non-attendance in an online course and are withdrawn are still responsible for paying for the course. If you do not complete the requirements of the first week of class, you should drop the course by the official drop/add deadline or expect to pay for the course.
It is very important for you to actively participate in this online class. If you stop participating in class discussions, do not submit assignments, or fail to take quizzes or tests prior to the withdrawal date, you will be withdrawn from class and receive a W or, if it is your third attempt, an F.

If you stop participating after the withdrawal date, you will receive an F. To avoid this situation, you should remain an active learner in this class and always communicate extenuating circumstances to your instructor. Ongoing communication with the instructor is critical to your course success. Completion of tests, assignments, and other class activities are used as indicators of your participation in order to satisfy this reporting requirement.
Communication and Faculty Response Policy
  • Use the course email tool only for private, personal, one-to-one communication with a specific individual, or groups of individuals. Do not send course related emails to the instructor's BC email address.
  • In the event that the course communication tools are unavailable for more than 24 hours, the instructor will communicate with students (if necessary) via their BC email address. Access your BC email account at
Faculty Response
  • Course emails and discussion posts will be answered within 48 hours. Emails and submissions sent on Saturday or Sunday, or holidays may not be answered until the next school day. It is recommended that you post course-related questions in the discussion area. Other students may have the same questions as you or may even be able to answer your questions. If you need info related to a test or assignment, plan ahead and submit your questions well ahead of the due date. Additionally, you can contact your instructor during their online office hours or schedule an online meeting. Your instructor is not online 24 hours per day, so please allow time for responses.
Required Course Materials
Required Text:
Title: The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction, 8th edition
Author(s): Ann Charters
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's; (July 16, 2010)
ISBN 13: 978-0312596231

Books for online courses are available at the Central Campus bookstore
A. Hugh Adams Central Campus Bookstore
Admissions & Student Service Center - Bldg. 19
Tel: (954) 201-6830
Fax: (954) 201-6895

Methods of Instruction
This is a 3-credit hour fully online course with/without proctored exams. In this class, you will engage in structured out-of-class and online activities. The online activities may include, but are not limited to, readings, discussions, essays, case studies, research, and/or online quizzes and tests. See the course schedule for a detailed description of activities. Students are responsible for regularly reviewing the course schedule and completing all required assignments. During a regular semester, you should expect to spend between 6 to 9 hours a week on the coursework.
General Policies and Technical Requirements
You are responsible for being familiar with all BConline policies and procedures related to your activity in this course.
Broward College Policies
  • Review the Broward College Policies on topics including disability services, academic honesty, privacy, and critical event procedures.
BConline Policies
  • Review the General Course Policies for topics including rules for netiquette, definition of participation, and other information.
Proctored Exam Policy
  • This course may have proctored exams that must be taken at a campus e-Testing Center or at an alternate pre-approved testing location. For detailed instructions please visit our Proctored Exam Policy page.
Technical Requirements
  • Students taking an online course are expected to be moderately proficient in using a computer. Please go to the Technical Requirements page for a complete list of computer skills and technical requirements.
How to Access the Course
Follow these steps in order to log into the BConline course. Normally, the login date will be the first day of the session in which the course is scheduled. Only students who have registered and paid for the course will be permitted to login. There may be a delay of up to 20 minutes from when you register and pay before BConline login is activated.
  • Your BConline User Name is the same as your BC email ID.
  • Your BConline password is the same as your BC email PIN code.
  • If you need login information, obtain BC email user ID and PIN code before attempting to login to BConline.
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